Working from Home Tips

Coronavirus is challenging our workforce norms. The future of work is here! It’s true. Technology and remote work is here to stay. We have a few valuable working from home tips to help you and your workforce overcome the challenges and turn them in to positive outcomes.

To operate successfully while working from home, here are our tips:

1. Create a virtual workforce.

It’s important to stay connected. Create a virtual workforce by scheduling meetings through interactive software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Maintaining a normal business routine helps staff stay motivated and engaged. Encourage employees to dress for success. One-on-one video calls can also be motivating. Managing your check-ins through applications like WhatsApp or Facetime can support more meaningful remote employee engagement. While connecting with your team is vital, it’s important to keep video and virtual meetings purposeful. If it’s a simple communication, email is still a valuable delivery method.

2. Set expectations.

While we are all working in unique environments, it’s vital to keep business performance high. Set clear focus areas for your team. Establish daily goals with metrics. Encourage your staff to find a place to work within their home that sets them up for success. This may vary for each individual. Understanding the needs of your team can make the difference in how productive you are as a unit. While music and human interaction may create high energy levels for one person, they may distract another. Having an open discussion with newly remote workers can help them make good decisions when it comes to their remote work environment and individual needs.

3. Communicate with compassion.

This is not your typical remote work set-up. Many are sharing their home/work environment with family or roommates. Some employees are even juggling their daily work tasks while homeschooling their children. Be empathetic to your staff as individuals. It’s vital we are communicating with compassion. Make sure the expectations you are setting are reasonable and fair.

4. Leverage technology.

Are you keeping your future workforce in mind? What can you invest in today, that can help your business succeed tomorrow? While our current environment is not permanent, there is a great deal of value in the innovation that happening all around us. Remote efficiencies depend on digital solutions. Understand what new processes are beneficial to your organization. What can we take away from this challenge to build a better tomorrow?

Perhaps the most valuable working from home tip is knowing that we’re all in this together. We are here to help. Reach out to