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We’ve grown up to be a contingent workforce solutions firm, but recruitment is where we got our start. This foundation, along with our affinity for program design and management, has resulted in thousands of intern placements that support strategic diversity goals and corporate initiatives.

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Our Early Talent Administration programs empower you to develop a highly engaged and motivated future workforce. We handle every aspect of intern program design with precision and expertise, from planning and matching to interviewing, making job offers, and managing payroll for interns. Our dedicated team of experts ensures ideal early talent matches, guaranteeing that the interns we hire will be engaged and ready to maximize the internship period.

Start tapping into the brightest and most talented graduates from top universities while decreasing hiring costs, enhancing productivity, and improving your reputation as an employer. Let’s get to work. 

early talent program FEATURES

Design & Planning

We believe that establishing eligibility criteria and timelines, along with program branding, enable a great experience for managers and students alike – that’s Planning 101 with our team.

Payrolling Services

Interns are hired as our employees. We facilitate electronic onboarding, timesheet submissions and weekly payroll so students feel supported every step of the way.


Anyone who knows recruiting knows it’s more of an art than a science – our recruiters take time to fully understand culture, preferences and goals to make the perfect match.


In-depth reporting captures quantitative metrics, along with qualitative feedback, to inform leadership of program achievements and opportunities for enhancement.

System Expertise

Invest in the future of your company.

Atrium’s Early Talent Programs empower you to cultivate a highly engaged and motivated future workforce.



Our partnership with Atrium has maximized the effectiveness and quality of services delivered to our Intern Co-op Program hiring managers, student workers and candidates. We can count on the Atrium Team to be responsive, flexible and fun to work with.



Workforce Solutions Overview

Have talent? Need talent? Let’s get to work.

Managed Service Provider

Making the complexity of managing a contingent workforce obsolete.

EOR Payrolling Services

Designing holistic solutions for the talent that you identify.

Direct Sourcing

Leveraging your brand to attract and curate the best contingent talent.

Early Talent Administration

Helping you earn an “A” in executing your early talent program.

IC Compliance

Using cutting-edge technology to mitigate your worker classification risk.

Statement of Work (SOW)

A high-touch, vendor-agnostic approach that streamlines your processes.

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