Our Story

The Journey To Success

Since first opening our humble doors above New York’s Grand Central station, Atrium has become a strategic partner for Workforce and Talent Solutions. True to our founding principles, we are committed to people, the value they bring to the workforce and how we can continue to grow dynamic communities together. 

Our mission, today and always, has been to build the workforce of tomorrow by putting people first.

  • 1995

    We listened to people.

    A better experience was desired within the staffing industry, and we were ready for the challenge. By devoting our attention to people, we had a better understanding of their needs. Through the design of Applicant-Centric™, we delivered our first recruitment solution.

  • 2000

    Our message resonated nationwide.

    The respect we offered people returned meaningful relationships within the market. As our reputation for recognizing and retaining talent grew, so did our referrals. We nurtured greater, more reliable talent resources and longstanding partnerships. Atrium’s message resonated with businesses nationwide.

  • 2003

    WBENC opened new doors.

    Our status as a woman-owned business  presented us with opportunities to learn and scale alongside renowned enterprise businesses. Ever since, we have relished in the occasion to return the value of these sponsorships with service, solutions and mentorships of our own.

  • 2008

    We embraced challenges.

    When asked to be a part of a bigger solution, we were ready. From coast to coast, we began supporting national payrolling on behalf of the contingent workforce. Atrium’s adaptability garnered industry credibility and empowered the launch of a new division, Atrium Managed Services (AMS).

  • 2015

    Solutions inspired Technology.

    With a knack for innovation and willingness to roll-up our sleeves, it wasn’t long before we cemented our national foothold. Atrium’s Solutions Team began designing, developing and managing early talent strategies for large-scale internship programs. And the introduction of proprietary technology, Engagent®, for custom 1099 vetting and IC compliance further branded our Managed Services division.


    We Evolved.

    Atrium’s Contingent Workforce Solutions division is now AtriumWorks. As we continue designing modern solutions to support People Operations throughout North America, we are committed to keeping human in HR technology and growing more human value in HR programming.


    Our vision continues.

    We believe that connecting people with opportunity is a privilege and perhaps, one of the most unique and meaningful perks of our brand experience. Our vision is to share that energy with others to create a constant current of positive experiences throughout our communities.

As the workforce continues to evolve, we continue to embrace change. It’s vital to the growth and success of people and businesses they sustain.

Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal

Founder & CEO



PRESIDENT, atriumworks

John Liscinsky

Chief financial officer




PRESIDENT, talent solutions

Chief marketing officer
melissa monteiro
senior executive vp | talent solutions
theresa rilli
senior vp, client success | atriumworks
cara zibbell
vice president, people & engagement
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