Plan Ahead for Trumpcare

Like most HR professionals, you’re probably tired of hearing the words “repeal and replace” when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.

While no clear direction has been given as to what a replacement plan could look like under the Trump Administration, change is on the horizon. With so many questions left unanswered, it’s hard to start planning as an employer, but it’s even scarier not to.

In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to focus on what employers can do. This includes being adaptable and responsive as legislation rolls out, be it overnight or over a period of time, and equipped to implement successful change management.

We’ve compiled proactive steps HR professionals can take right now to prepare for the unknown impact of “Trumpcare.”

Stay Ahead of The Game

One challenge many employers face is how to remain competitive in such an undefined landscape. HR has a responsibility to care for their workforce, so understanding what change could mean for employees is paramount. HR must be diligent in their efforts to:

1. Monitor pending bills and legislation

2. Remain up-to-date on implementation deadlines

3. Adapt as updates unfold

4. Communicate changes to staff

Manage Change

HR can ready themselves for potential Trumpcare scenarios by understanding how to successfully introduce and manage change. This process is summarized in three key steps:

Define Your Strategy

Create a team that will be responsible for managing the change. That coalition should design a clear vision for the future, motivate people to take appropriate action and drive employee change. Implement a strategy that is feasible, focused, flexible and communicable. It’s the direction in which you’re moving.

Communicate Effectively

Communication should set clear expectations and timelines for the audience in order to influence adoption rates. It’s important to keep employees informed in a timely manner and to develop digestible messaging.

Take a Systematic Approach

Develop a blueprint for implementing change. Create a realistic timeline, identify internal leadership and steering champions to support the messaging, and plan for costs including training, resources and turnover. Anticipate resistance, but celebrate the wins. Remember, you’re working with people.

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