It’s the start of a new year. Budget planning and headcount decisions are at the forefront, a great time to consider all hiring options available to your company, including temp to hire.

Temp to hire placement (otherwise known as temp-to-perm, try before hire, or TTP) provides a great opportunity for companies to explore a candidate before fully committing to a permanent relationship.

Initiating a trial period (usually around two to three months) before offering full-time employment ensures that only those that are the right fit – for the individual role, the team and company culture as a whole – are considered for long-term positions.

Additional benefits of Temp to Hire include:

1. An opportunity to further develop job descriptions

Often we see roles evolving to support unforeseen business needs, sometimes right away in a new role. Having someone come in on a temp to hire basis leaves room to build out the job description based on strengths of the candidate and needs of the department. Maybe you find that a full-time employee isn’t necessary after all. You can scale back hours or eliminate the role all together. Temp to hire could help you to avoid the cost of onboarding and offboarding a full-time employee.

2. An immediate solution even if the headcount isn’t readily available, but will be in the future

Just because the headcount isn’t available today doesn’t lessen the need for someone to fill a role. Temp to hire solutions provide the flexibility needed in the meantime, saving time and energy in the long run. Someone can be fully trained and working when the time comes for full-time employment.

3. The chance to ascertain fit by getting to know the candidate beyond the interview

Bringing on a temp to hire professional affords companies an exploratory period to evaluate job performance. This offers a more detailed picture of potential employees than an interview ever could. Employers can better assess skill levels and communication styles. Additionally, temp to hire offers a chance to see how well an employee fits in with the rest of the team.

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