Like many industries, the Covid-19 pandemic took a major hit on supply chain, leaving manufacturing companies with high demand and a shortage of workers. As hiring managers, we are left wondering: what is the future of supply chain workers? And more importantly, where can we find them? As experts in attracting, hiring and retaining top operational talent, we’re sharing our recommendations for the top 5 places to search for the future of supply chain workers:

1. Trade Schools

When looking for supply chain talent, it’s great to start early with candidates who are drawn to hands-on work. Check out your local trade schools and ensure they are promoting the career option of manufacturing to their students. By increasing the target audience receiving this message, the future of the supply chain can be built by people with a passion for manufacturing. We encourage hosting information sessions or setting up a table at job fairs to get those early career candidates excited about supply chain.

2. Supply Chain Recruiting Teams

As a staffing firm with deep experience in supply chain, we are no strangers to the power of expert recruiting. Atrium’s Applicant-Centric approach lends itself to deep-rooted relationships with great supply chain talent that might otherwise be overlooked. Engaging with recruiters who understand the supply chain market is a huge asset to finding a new generation of workers.

3. Niche Job Boards

When searching for the future of supply chain, niche job boards are a place not many people think to look but are a great way to find candidates that might not be using typical platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn. On job boards such as Jobs in Logistics, you can find candidates that might have slipped through the cracks in your other searches. Plus, candidates that are seeking out niche job boards are typically serious in the pursuit of an industry-specific role, thus more likely to hit the mark for the talent profile you are seeking.

4. Employee Referral Campaigns

Employee referral campaigns are an excellent way to utilize an employee-wide incentive to grow your candidate network. By offering a small bonus or prize, you can encourage your employees to refer strong supply chain talent that may not found on traditional job forums. Building positive relationships with your current employees and encourage them to share who they know with small incentives is a great way to build out your talent pool.

5. Supply Chain Associations

Supply chain associations are a great tool when recruiting for supply chain talent. Building relationships with members of associations such as ASCM or CSCMP can open doors help your company build valuable partnerships. Added bonus – most of these associations have online directories and in-person conferences, which is a great way to further connect with people in the industry.

With these 5 key recruitment strategies under your belt, you are well equipped to succeed in your search for the next generation of skilled supply chain talent and redefine the future of supply chain. Good luck and happy recruiting!