Corporate Volunteerism

Corporate volunteerism is described as a workplace supported initiative which provides support and resources to employees who want to volunteer in their local communities. As an example, here at Atrium we established our very own corporate volunteer program called Atrium Cares. This program allows employees 1 extra day of paid time off to go towards volunteering! Outside of PTO programs, companies can also contribute to corporate volunteerism by organizing their own charitable events, providing grants and scholarships, and creating donation match programs.

Besides giving back to the community, corporate volunteerism proves to have a lot of positive impact on businesses and employees as a whole. Don’t believe me? See for yourself when you read these top 3 Benefits of Corporate Volunteerism:

Improved Morale & Retention

Did you know that more than 70% of employees say volunteering boosts enthusiasm more than happy hours? That’s right, according to a survey by Deloitte the vast majority of employees believe that employers that sponsor volunteer events offer a better work environment! However, a boost in morale is not the only perk of volunteering. Giving back to the community creates a sense of purpose and belonging in the workplace that results in an uptick in employee attraction and retention!

As we continue to see Gen Z and Millennials dominate the workforce, organizations which display a commitment to serving their community stand out when considering a job offer. By enacting these corporate volunteer programs, you are positioning your company as one that cares about the community at large, which is a very attractive pull for both candidates and clients alike.

Improved Brand Reputation & Trust

As conversations around ethical consumption and sustainability become more commonplace amongst the average consumer, having a social purpose mission in place is something that many organizations are considering when partnering or purchasing from other companies. Statistically, 70% of global consumers would recommend a company with a social purpose mission over one without. That means if you don’t have a social plan in place, you’re falling behind.

Corporate volunteerism is one great way of showcasing your commitment to social issues and how you make an impact through positive action! As a result you’ll build a reputation as a reliable corporation which values its community, AND you will build strong partnerships with equally committed clients. Win-win!

Opportunity for Teamwork and Skill Development

Corporate volunteer programs are also a great opportunity for team building exercises and skill development. When building out your corporate volunteer program, we suggest encouraging your teams to take volunteer days all together and use it as an opportunity to connect over a meaningful cause. Not only does this get more manpower involved in various volunteer opportunities, it also is a great way to further relationships outside of the office.

Additionally, by encouraging employees to give back and lend their skill-set to different volunteer activities, you are nurturing their talents and giving them leadership experience which can further their growth within your organization. Meaning, your corporate volunteerism efforts could be paving the way to the future leaders of your business. So take that step to donate your time to different causes! Your future firm will thank you for it.

Now that you have these 3 Benefits of Corporate Volunteerism under your belt, it’s time to go forth and start a corporate volunteer plan of your own. Remember, one small ripple of kindness can make a tidal wave of change.

Abigail Joyce
Abigail Joyce

Abigail is the Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Atrium. She has also held roles for the firm as a Recruiter and Project Assistant. Her various educational and career experiences have helped to shape her unique job seeker and hiring manager perspective.