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The Power of Diversity in the Contingent Workforce 

Embracing diversity in the contingent workforce is not just a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative. Diverse teams bring a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and talents to the table, which leads to innovation and improved problem-solving. One contingent workforce solution that benefits from the power of diversity is Direct Sourcing. 

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) define Direct Sourcing as the process by which a company leverages its own candidate pool to place within the company as contingent/temporary workers. At Atrium, we believe the key to Direct Sourcing success lies in embracing Diversity and Inclusion. We’re extending our client DEI goals into the extended workforce to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society where our clients grow via the power of talented Temporary workers. Here’s how we’re doing it: 

The Importance of DEI in Direct Sourcing Practices  

We approach Direct Sourcing with two unique models  — 1) Managed Direct Sourcing and 2)  Talent Curation – both services are underpinned by Brand Power, Team, and Technology. These critical building blocks have a proven and significant impact on diversity and the candidate experience while also reshaping the future of workforce solutions.  

  1. Increased Innovation: Diverse teams are more likely to generate new solutions and ideas. Contingent workforce diversity can provide fresh perspectives that drive creativity and competitiveness.
  2. Better Decision-Making: Diverse teams make better decisions. When direct sourcing prioritizes diversity, it ensures that different viewpoints are considered, leading to more informed and balanced choices.
  3. Enhanced Reputation: Organizations that champion workforce diversity and inclusion attract top-tier talent and enhance their reputation as socially responsible employers. This can lead to a competitive edge in attracting the best contingent workers.

Brand Power: Your Success, Our Mission. 

The power of your brand plays a vital role in Direct sourcing. The team at Atrium acts as an extension of your brand to ensure your values and identity shine through to every active or passive contingent worker we engage and source. We leverage your brand’s reputation to attract top talent, making your organization a magnet for diverse, skilled professionals. Together, we amplify your brand to pipeline and transform the landscape of your contingent workforce diversity. 

Team and Tech: The Future of Direct Sourcing. 

Our Direct Sourcing teams are comprised of experts who blend recruitment expertise with cutting-edge technology and a people-first approach in all that we do. We maintain preferred partnerships with leading Direct Sourcing technology platforms and leverage the potential of AI and data analytics to optimize talent acquisition – for Temp, Temp to Perm, and FTE roles. This ensures you receive the best-fit candidates who infuse diversity and innovation into your team. Atrium does not just offer a service; we offer a partnership that utilizes both human intelligence and technology for your success. 

DEI Impact: A Strategic Imperative 

Diversity is not just a checkbox; it is essential. Atrium is committed to embracing diversity and inclusion as part of a turnkey and cost-effective model to drive your Total Talent management strategies. In turn, we curate a contingent workforce that mirrors our diverse world, bringing fresh perspectives, transformation, and better decision-making to your organization. 

Talent-Centric: People First 

At Atrium, we understand that success is built on people. Our talent-centric approach ensures that every contingent worker we pipeline and onboard aligns with your unique requirements. Whether you choose Managed Direct Sourcing or Curation as a Service, we place talent at the center of our Direct Sourcing strategy to ensure your organization thrives and grows with the right individuals who reflect your values and goals. 

Here’s How to Embrace and Activate Diversity in Direct Sourcing:  

  1. Inclusive Recruitment Practices: Implement inclusive recruitment strategies that reach a diverse pool of candidates. Use blind recruitment techniques to minimize biases and focus on skills and qualifications. For example, Atrium’s Unconscious Bias training helps to assist our recruiters in resume review and shortlisting to bring forward more diverse candidates. 
  2. Diverse Supplier Networks: Collaborate with a thoughtful range of suppliers for your contingent workforce needs. Partnering with minority-owned or women-owned businesses can also increase diversity in your talent pool.
  3. Cultural Sensitivity Training: Promote workforce diversity by training your internal teams and contingent workers to foster cultural sensitivity and promote a more inclusive work environment.
  4. Diversity Metrics: At Atrium, we assist clients in setting measurable diversity goals and regularly track progression. We know transparency supports goals, demonstrates your commitment, and provides accountability.

Leading the Way 

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving workforce diversity, Atrium is at the forefront of revolutionizing Direct Sourcing, emphasizing minority and under-represented contingent workers. Further, our recognition last year by Ardent Partners as a Vanguard Leader in the MSP space highlights our modern models and commitment to Direct Sourcing and building diverse talent pipelines.  

We are sharing this focus with our clients and are excited to see the competitive growth and sustainability that embracing diversity brings. An organizational pivot towards diverse Direct Sourcing creates an opportunity to lead the way in building an impactful Contingent Workforce that reflects your community and sets a positive example for others to emulate.  

Jaqueece Walton
Jaqueece Walton

Jaqueece is Atrium's Supplier Diversity & Business Development Manager. Her focus is on engaging and building partnerships with diverse-owned suppliers to help them understand their workforce needs and contribute to their inclusive talent acquisition strategies.

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